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I’m not necessarily good at Fortnite, but I am better than most of the people I’ve met who are good at Fortnite. This might sound weird, but it’s very true. Let me elaborate a bit.

Here’s what happens: I know Fortnite. It’s a huge game for literally everyone under the sun. I played it about a thousand times in the first few months of its existence, and even during my sleepless nights I’d play when I was reading books and not sleeping. Some friends of mine play it, too. Some people even think they’re good.

But when I go to an event where people are playing it, I’m way behind the times. I feel like I’m right up there but I’m still a horrible player. There’s no social atmosphere, and the people who are good at it aren’t very friendly. They’ll wink at each other and say, “I got this.” It’s unfriendly and unpleasant.

So why am I willing to get terrible at it? It’s because I have friends who are really good. I go to parties where they’re playing, and they’re so supportive. I play on my couch, and they seem to not mind me not even caring. I feel less alone.

People on the internet are, like, five levels below you. The only people who are above you are the people who are playing Fortnite. You never have to consider what other people would like, and you have no choice but to just play with them — and improve.

I like to think that by playing with people who are actually good, I can improve at it. I don’t know if this is true, but it just feels like a better way to play than playing alone.

I’ve thought about this not just for myself, but for my friends. We’re better together than we are on our own.

I’m not in the know; I don’t understand that. I don’t understand why people dislike gaming with other people. I hear people complain about waiting in line for consoles or people who have done it for so long that they actually hate it. They say they love being friends and that we all get along, and that we hate gaming.

People have their own opinions about what makes games fun, and I’m sorry if I’m bad at gaming. But the thing is, I’m OK with not understanding.

Fortnite is something that kids play, and it’s popular, so it’s no big deal to me. There’s a reason people complain about seeing so many people playing it so much: they’re afraid it will ruin it. But that’s their opinion and, hey, that’s their life. Don’t change it, and don’t worry too much about ruining a new game. You can’t change the trends or decide what people are supposed to like, but you can play Fortnite.

For the record, I didn’t write this down. I think I actually wrote it down before I wrote this one.

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