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It’s safe to say most Fortnite gamers are squeamish, at the slightest sign of a hazard. Some of the flamethrowers are big enough to send you into your bed. And the longdrop is a horrifying experience. That’s what happened to the top-ranked PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) player Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf, who was playing a traditional duel with another player on a recent live stream. And what happened next has the entire internet talking.

Giersdorf was taking a quick trip from the middle-man lane, where players run in and out of matches quickly and unnoticed to the seeded lane, where they sit and play for at least an hour before taking a shot at an opponent. Because that’s usually how the games play out, the pros tend to get to the seed lane first, and the upstart players join them later in the match. It’s a guaranteed advantage for the new guy, who is going to get in and make sure their loot isn’t going to the kill cam. It’s how Pete Miringstra, who was playing a traditional duel as Giersdorf was on the verge of getting hit from behind.

According to Giersdorf, Miringstra got too close, which triggered the flamethrower. Then, the flamethrower worked. Giersdorf’s backpack burst out, sending him back and forth across the room, hoping he didn’t run into a door. Giersdorf was later knocked out.

After the big boom, the stream dropped to a closer focus. Then, inexplicably, Miringstra exited and started playing the game again.

According to Miringstra, this was not the first time a flamethrower grenade was used. Just last week, he said, there was an episode where he was docked for laying down a grenade “out of fear.” Miringstra eventually won the match.

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