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More than 400 earthquakes have been recorded in the Fortnite week seven downtime, creating an earthquake effect as the game nears its end of season 7 week.

Fortnite’s Save the World mode is also getting an update tomorrow with updates to save crafting, weapon damage, terrain change and mount-mounted robot skills.

Here is a list of Fortnite’s week seven content changes for season 7, according to a tweet from Epic Games yesterday:

Free – A new weekly update for Save the World will be coming tomorrow, and it will include some big changes for players. It will include the 2v2 Domination game mode, 3v3 Surround and a new game type called GrowZone that allows you to be a high-frequency receiver for objects or sounds. This is a short-term modification to grow your items to a higher-intensity sound or light output. Save the World will also change how matches in Famers mode end up – according to Wedneday’s tweet, players will now battle to the finish after competing for 40 days, which will be attributed to the longest point in your current tier.


Free – On top of these major changes to Save the World, there are more than 400 earthquakes being recorded in the game. Players have been trying to find fortresses safe from the volcano and enter them, and they are now actually starting to crumble as a result of the quake. This earthquake effect is one of the most expensive parts of getting into a base.

Click here to read more about the earthquake effect.

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