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On Sunday, Epic Games released a surprise patch for Fortnite patch v9.41 titled “Rule The World”, which comes with several changes and one surprise update.

The update introduces six new maps to the Battle Royale mode. Fortnite added a limited time mode to Battle Royale called “The Rager”, which replaced Sunday Night Loading Screen. With a slightly randomized loading screen, players can enjoy the nostalgic refresh after a long weekend of gameplay. Other changes include the addition of the music playlist that players can add songs from other apps to their playlists. The playlist is also the new default playlist for players who want to switch to another playlist in the future.

The main update is the changes for the Gaming Loader, as Epic is beefing up the storage with 300GB of cloud storage to allow for save games to be saved on a local device. Save games are now 50% faster and will now auto-save once the player is connected to the Battle Royale client. That means players can save videos and content to their local devices before entering a PvP game. They will also be able to save specific characters, a feature that will be added later to update 5.40. Save game saves will be available after the level reaches levels 32 and above for Battle Royale players.

Fortnite players will also notice an added slot in the player’s character, their introduction to Save game mode. They will be able to draw their physical holster to the center of their character. In essence, they will have a fully charged weapon holstered on their hip, as the toggle on the right of the chest will be enabled when a player enters Save game mode.

New Release Notes:

The Last of Us: Left Behind – Nightfall


The Last of Us: Left Behind

80’s Vault Unlock


Street Fighter II DX & Limited Time Modes

Street Fighter II DX

Save the World


These changes are the first in a series of new changes coming this week. Some of them include an introduction of Stunt Pack 34 and Epic’s Special Save game items from 5.39. See full release notes below.

Fortnite “Rule The World”

Is packed with BIG changes

8 new multiplayer maps, 2 of which have never been seen before!

Burning Runner reduces splash damage and allows players to drain health faster

Birds of Prey — Previewed Battle Royale mode — gameplay tests welcomed!

Wizard of Oz allows players to strategically mark enemies as they’re on the move

The Rager is a new limited time mode in Battle Royale! A re-vamped loading screen lets players relive their favorite Twilight Zone-inspired moments (think 50 Shades)

Big changes to the Gaming Loader, now able to store 50% more of your items! Save games can now auto-save in Save game mode

You’ll notice we’ve made the loading screen slightly more unique — there’s more to do when you’re spawning in new modes. More changes will be announced coming this week.

Stunt Pack 34


As you can see, the new Incredibles

We’re introducing the first of five new Incredibles!

Diversity pack: Weapons, back bling, & dance pads – choose from these emotes, and go ahead, have a slice of pizza (pizza brings cool down power up)

Purple Patch Pack: Bird of Prey, Banana Patch, Stunt Pack, and Turret Pack – these Legendary weapons & back bling can be found in loot. Get all the new Incredibles ahead of time!

Curved Pig Packs – select one of these from the gym room and get a complimentary Colette Dance (purple shape) in Fortnite Xtra

Fortnite Common – Upgrade your Chest Item for 20% guaranteed health

#1 Auction House – New 4 coin auction house with additional item fee

Elimination Challenges

Eliminate targets in Freemode Restricted Areas — complete one of our first three challenges by the end of this week.

Guided Missile attack – Launch a guided missile into an area (up to a radius of 500 meters) and kill all the people in your target (total body count of up to 2 people)

The Rager — Starting this week, we’re re-introducing The Rager mode. It allows the player to enter another world mode – take on the frenetic Super Mutant pace. Prepare to battle — enter early!

Immediately following the launch of the Rager mode, we’ll launch a new mode that allows the player to enter the time of day of the day of another player

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