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Is there an apparent Fortnite Halloween event in the works? The shop item predictions ahead of what skin you’ll receive next.

When does Fortnite season seven begin?

While no new Fortnite content is currently available to buy on the PlayStation Store, PC, Xbox Store, Nintendo Switch and iOS, the season six content update has been rolling out.

Previously, the update on the mobile store was renamed to “Season Seven.” The update is currently rolling out to all devices.

Halloween-themed skins

Meanwhile, the Halloween skin predictions are always reliable and fairly varied.

A notable title that popped up in the suggestions was the Halloween Scream skin. Some gamers are going to be even happier about this because it’s one they can request the update include. It’s also highly likely to be included as part of the season six content update.

In addition to the Halloween skin, new costumes are also likely to be introduced in Fortnite season seven.

Here are the rest of the predictions:

Orange Forrester


Pig Lady


Queen Juniper

Duffy Crawler


You’re not invited to Halloween Castle Party tomorrow. ? — Fortnite Chess (@FortniteChess) August 9, 2018

The player who the most recently requested new costume for Fortnite season six posted on Reddit that they would like a new Dwarf skin. The Redditor said that it’s “one of the most requested” and they’re “amused” that it wasn’t included, but added that it would be “nice.” This is highly likely as season seven is likely to include more previously requested content.

So, unless something drastically changes between now and when the season six content update is released, the Skin Leaks subreddit will have to wait for more of the Halloween-themed costumes to reveal in the weeks ahead.

The Fortnite Halloween Battle Pass

When it was first leaked, sources believed that the Fortnite Halloween Battle Pass was going to be a one-off event to coincide with the start of season seven. Since the leak, sources have reportedly been retracted from the rumor, suggesting that the Fortnite Halloween Battle Pass might have legs.

Epic Games might change their tune or that the Halloween Fortnite Battle Pass is much more than one-off event, so expect more leaks on this for the weeks to come.

Epic Games will likely announce more information on the Halloween Battle Pass after the season 6 content update release date.

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