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Battle Royale players are dying to get their hands on the Fortnite update 9.30 patch notes, and we’re here to help give you everything you need to know, minus the ingredients to make a Neopolitan ice cream pizza.

Fortnite update 9.30 patch notes with the best secrets for players

1. Epic has made a few subtle changes to the Battle Royale matchmaking process. Battle Royale players should notice that they will no longer have to use their schedules to choose their play times – they’ll be matched onto other players of their own time. This means everyone will be getting used to the new method much faster.

Some changes will be affecting especially dropped items. The Roseen Skin and Pillow are still present as a replacement for the Illusive Man, and neither item will be available for 7 days as their future will be decided at the end of season 5. There have been slightly less changes to rewards than before, with main rewards like Double XP+ Season Five Server Stocks now available for 7 days as well.

2. Online patches and bugs have been fixed, as well as a handful of other minor issues. The ability to move between items in Retail Row is now working with the same players. In addition, a Crashing Obelisk exploit in larger names has been patched and Black Widow has been patched so you can bring her with you.

3. Back Bling skins are now in stock, but only for the Season 5 Server Levels. The matching player has been removed so you won’t be seeing a random listing, and chests will now open in specific spots on floors. If your hard mode team has a chest just for being on the right end of a spawning White Cube, this should actually open it.

4. The Cattus vs Doggus event will now be available to join from Tuesday!

5. Meanwhile, Blizzard is pushing out the new SKUs.

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