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Though it’s much too early to make any predictions, you can bet that top gamers are anxiously awaiting news on the next chapter in the life of battle royale mega-success Fortnite.

Is it possible to create a battle royale game that makes as much money for Epic Games as its predecessor, Fortnite? Is it possible for a person to “create their own world” and be proud of the immense brand recognition that comes with it? Will Epic Games’ Fortnite finally be able to replace Call of Duty as the world’s bestselling video game?

To sort through all of these questions, the staff of Polygon talked to Ninja — also known as Vrablik — about his favorite Fortnite character, whether he’d ever join the Switch edition of the game, and how he felt watching the current iteration of Fortnite, Battle Royale, drastically change.

“Me personally? No,” Ninja said of the possibility of creating a non-Fortnite mobile game. “I don’t get Fortnite on mobile devices. I’m not gonna ever do that. That would be weird. A lot of people that I talk to that use it in different ways, whether they be friends or in other outlets, I’ve never seen them play Fortnite on their phone. Like, they play it with a controller.”

“I had a couple of friends that did (PlayStation 4 version of Fortnite) — same thing. Nothing against PlayStation. I just feel like it’s not what I want to play. It’s just not my thing.”

With respect to Fortnite: Battle Royale — the version of the game for consoles and PCs that features an island populated by 100 players fighting to the death — Ninja is far more open to the idea.

“I think it is really good,” he said. “I think that Fortnite was, I mean if we were ever to be in that place again and there was a new creation like that, I think I’d sign up for it.”

It seems like Ninja has more of a sympathy for the people creating Fortnite who like the game, rather than those who play it. It doesn’t explain why his game, 1UP Open, hasn’t been in development since November 2017, but he has a good reason.

“The problem is, if you really spend your whole life — you have a mental block where you don’t want to change anything, or you want to make sure that you have everything perfect,” Ninja said. “But the problem with Fortnite is, if you want to change things, you really have to change the formula. What’s wrong with making it better? Why not? If it’s really good, and it works, then just go with the flow and create it.”

Perhaps there will eventually be a day when Fortnite will do exactly that. After all, it has sold more than a billion units since its release on September 4, 2017, and has allowed Epic Games to showcase its work. No doubt the company would like to push the franchise’s popularity even higher.

While it’s far too early to call whether there will ever be a new mainline Fortnite release, it seems like if there ever is, it will be very similar to what players know and love.

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