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Last year, when Fortnite launched season eight, it coincided with Halloween. This year, as season nine begins, the map is covered in creepy decorations and sounds. The developers are leaning a bit more heavily on the Halloween theme.

Fortnite’s end of season 10 live event, the LTM where everything will happen at once, was set to launch on Thursday. The announcement that it will now be released this week led Epic Games to brag that they are up to a week ahead of schedule for season 10.

If you need a refresher, let me help you out. The last end of season 10 live event launched on September 12th. As it stands now, the event will begin at 4:00 AM on September 21st. This breaks the trend of Fortnite events, however, where at least part of the event takes place on one day.

The end of season 10 end event requires you to start a special playground event called “Save the World” LTM by parachuting down the map. You will play a match that will feature numerous objectives, much like an action movie. There will be a full team deathmatch, a unique map race and an Assault mode where the last person standing wins.

It appears that the previous weekend, people were having issues with the target practice function, a feature Epic Games promised to fix. According to a thread on the official Fortnite subreddit, the mode has since been restored.

For this year’s Fortnite event, the developers kept things simple. Instead of adding ridiculous locations to the map, they opted to keep everything simple in the northern flanks of the map. The north flanks are where the skin skins and different vehicles will be found and when you arrive, make sure to look for the hidden monsters.

As you know from the trailer, Ice Ninja will be roaming the forest. He’ll be joined by Trolls, Centaurs, Phantoms and Nightmare Creatures who will require you to go on a hunt. With the limited inventory of supplies, the special weapons and powers (skins) of this event, it’s one to keep an eye on this weekend.

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