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The latest Fortnite update was supposed to hit servers on September 20, but according to Epic Games’ official Fortnite Twitter account, it has now been delayed, with the company now telling players to expect the fix to happen after the release of the last season’s theme and a new season emblem.

Servers have been going down for maintenance for extended periods of time, as well.

Enrollment is closed for the Season 8 SKS and Royale Pass programs. If you want to be notified before the update goes live, click the Updates icon in the top left corner of the Battle Royale menu and click Enrollment.

The update is expected to go live next Thursday, September 27, at 8AM Pacific.

UPDATE: Fortnite update 10.40 has been delayed to fix a distance issue with the Proton Pack fireworks. #VOTEFORNWolves — Fortnite (@FortniteGame) September 22, 2018

The size of the update is larger than you might think, as the patch is 5.14GB. Make sure you are signed into your Epic Pass and Epic Pass Weekend when the update goes live.

The patch notes haven’t been revealed yet, but expect a long list of changes. You can also expect the dev team to talk about the new Season 8 theme, which is cryptozoology. Season 7’s theme was buildings, so the next season will be dedicated to animal creatures.

Season 8 was supposed to launch with a 4-day event on September 19, but was delayed to coincide with the release of the new theme and new season.

Season 8: Patch Notes

Source: Fortnite Battle Royale website

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