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Fortnite fans have been waiting impatiently for season 10 to end and its weekend free summer’s end. As the search for treasure in Haunted Hills nears its climax, the upcoming event should be coming anytime.

The Fortnite Season 10 event has been quite controversial among the community, with rumours about leaked skins and names flying around. The focus is expected to be the event, along with the Season 11 update. It is expected that, once the Season 10 update is out, the update will take place one week after.

Of course, what fans would also like to know is when the Season 11 event will be released. While Epic Games has not commented on the launch date, the following is what is expected to happen.

Epic Games has not announced when the Season 11 event will be out in store. Considering that the last update was on September 9, Season 11 is already a few weeks away from the end of the season.

Season 10 update is about to end

Epic Games has been heavily focussing on the season 10 event. It has taken a lot of time in the last few weeks. The theme for the season has been inspired by Halloween, and it has revolved around the theme of the haunted house in Haunted Hills.

As of now, everyone is looking forward to the season 10 event to end, and hopefully the start of Season 11 event will be sooner rather than later. Another peak in the Haunted Hills map for the event is anticipated to take place around Halloween, to start it off on a high note.

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