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Season 10 of Fortnite has just concluded and patch v9.1 pushed through some serious changes to the game, including the addition of season 11 character exclusive skins and the introduction of time-limited event.

While season 10 has come to an end, another big season is just around the corner and it will finally add new tiers to the Battle Pass. Ahead of the new season coming up, we take a look at some of the Fortnite tasks that are awaiting players once the new season begins:

Fortnite year-round challenges are now live – find out how to complete the list

Fortnite season 10 challenges are now live as of yesterday – we’ve rounded up a list of what’s still remaining for you to complete. Those will help you complete the challenges from season 10 but here are our picks for the ones we think will provide the most challenges during season 11:

Last stop? A number of places in different locations, round the island and on the apron surrounding it

Follow the treasure map found in Skull Rock

Deal damage with SMGs to opponents

Search Supply Drops

Follow the treasure map found in Snobby Shores

Power up your club

Shotgun eliminations

Carry 50 health

Use a slingshot

Place 5 Emotes in a row

Flatten opponents with a car or vehicle

With this first challenge coming from Skull Rock, there’s no reason for players to be concerned about seeing it again. You can deal a ton of damage with a SMG. Here’s a quick guide to see how much damage we can shoot out with these pistols on day one of season 11.

Pistols like the Firearm, X4, Skorpion, Scoped Rifle, or the Modular Gun are the three most powerful pistols in Fortnite. Here’s a quick guide to see how much damage each of these are able to put out.

You can also always use your SKUs in game as many weapons can be outfitted with a different set of abilities. Here’s a guide to find out which SKUs are the most powerful.

One of the things that makes it difficult to complete this challenge is the fact that it’s a cross between the Fortnite popular Battle Star and the seasonal week 10 challenges. In the case of the season 10 cross, which was found at a “Large Circle,” it might be fairly straightforward for players to place it on one of these five targets.

Here are the five locations on the island, again straight from the season 10 challenge:

Location number: 2

5 Locations: Horizon prison, at the Risky Reels Tower


Open Lazy Links for a match

Calculate the number

1) Where is the Worley Fort in the middle of Rock Island lake?

2) What’s one of the other challenges that can be found in Granny Smith tree?

3) What’s one of the other challenges that can be found in Snobby Shores?

4) Where’s the other challenge that can be found in Lonely Lodge?

5) Where is the Worley Fort in the middle of Rock Island lake?

It’s that final target that will let you be sure you’ve actually accomplished the task of destroying the Worley Fort in order to be sure.

Find it. Build it. Drive it. Do it yourself…

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Dive straight into the feature guide for the Fortnite season 11 season codes

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