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Fortnite‘s Season 1 Week 3 challenges are live! Each week a new set of seven challenges unlock for Battle Pass owners. Some challenges stack and can be completed any time before the season ends. Others require Battle Passes from previous weeks to complete. Today’s challenges are free and won’t expire like some of the previous week’s challenges did.

Week 3 Challenges

Search Chests in Loot Lake

Eliminate opponents in Tilted Towers

Crossbow Eliminations

Battle Pass Challenges

Use the Angry Bird Face Emote (1)

Kill fish with a Remote Explosives Launcher (1)

Hit an island with a pickaxe (1)

Free Challenges

Search chests in Pleasant Park

Eliminate opponents in Dusty Divot

Battle Pass Challenges

Search Chests in Snobby Shores

Eliminate opponents in Fatal Fields

Like the week 2 challenges, the challenges today don’t require Battle Pass purchases. These are the free ones and can be completed anytime before the season ends.

Last week, three of the seven weekly challenges were able to be completed with no failure. The Snobby Shores Chest and Bird Emote Challenges actually took about the same amount of time to complete, thanks to all the back and forth with the extra challenges. It was the remote explosives target that was successful as the seventh challenge.

For today’s challenges, it appears that those who made their first attempt on the Angry Bird emote will likely fail to complete the challenge. It just hasn’t worked for them so far. Here’s a look at what the Fortnite challenges today will focus on.

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