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Bad news folks: The video game Fortnite is down today, for some fixes, and for a big update. The store is down, meaning no purchase of cosmetic items would be possible until the time is right. That’s after the fort reverted on Monday to the “Season 8” release date, giving it the latest numbered update. Until then, I will have to wait to cross Oryx and Mortarhead off my list of creatures I would like to fight. My unique item for the season was going to be Nerf Blocker.

To complement the update, Epic has added a new map to the game. Fortnite Ranch is a location that was originally playable in the Battle Royale mode, but is now being added as a story map within the Save the World mode. The description of the map reads as follows:

“Fortnite Ranch—our mission is to make it your own. Visit our Story world to customize your goalposts with bonus items, decorate with bonus additions to your Frosty Slopes, and fortify your fort with all new abilities for epic War games. Climb mountains and castles with Pickaxes, backpack materials, and rare and legendary pieces. To climb further than your knees, use your axe to smash through any barrier you encounter. Don’t let ravenous earthcrabs sting you in the brain with Molotov cocktails.”

Fortnite’s latest update also includes the return of Retail Row to the map, after being absent for quite some time. Retail Row was last seen when the season reached “Summer Skirmish”. During the event, it was announced that season 7 would be ending on August 13. Since then, Epic Games has released the map update for the previous two seasons.

So, instead of seven easter eggs for seven weeks, season 9 is with nine easter eggs in 12 weeks. The next one is Summer Skirmish, on which the following easter eggs are promised:

* Fortnite Provenance, centered around the Skirmish map (including the building of the Greasy Grove House and the Skirmish Castle)

* Second Tall – we’re not finished yet, [Perks] don’t come complete with their own name. Expect more bonuses

* Timewise Easter Eggs, to challenge players to find them (and try not to get killed by them)

* Slopes Dance Hall – run while you’re passing this Hall; you might hear fun tunes!

Since then, Season 9 has kicked off and the Fortnite Battle Royale island itself has been completely redesigned. The big change to Season 9 is that buildings do not explode, only gradually, and only with the power of the ground. The base map is also being tweaked slightly, to make the areas appear higher up.

Finally, there is one big change to the Leviathan! Instead of a “sneak peak” event, Epic announced a “Dangerous Days” as-yet-unnamed event. The previews are straightforward as per Fortnite’s announcement, but the advertised theme is something completely different.

“The future of Fortnite is dangerous and dangerous fun. Our Save the World announcement is coming up fast, and we’re focused on healing you so you can create and save it. We can’t wait to get all of you revved up and ready to save Save the World. Play with us today and explore all that tomorrow’s new and exciting content and Fortnite challenges have to offer. And, remember to celebrate with the team at odds with the pantheon of gods. Expect Diablo III modifications to our content in the coming days, bringing with it a chance to take down our rival gods in a game-changing fight for world domination. Season 9’s final event, Dangerous Days, begins today!”

Due to the update, only the cosmetics associated with Fortnite Season 10 and the landing zone of certain kinds of vehicles will be available to purchase. This may disappoint some gamers, since the game has plenty of other items and cosmetics available, but then again, it may give some fans a chance to return to the popular Battle Royale mode. Perhaps they will now have the chance to get their sights set on a limited-time update that will feature a new map… or two. If you’re an avid gamer, you’ll want to update your game now, in order to be ready for the update that is releasing later today.

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