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Season 3 of Fortnite has begun and the newest challenges on the menu include some new Scavenger Hunting and Slurp Mission challenges that might be harder to complete.

This week, Season 3 has introduced several new (and hard) challenges that could be tough for newer players. These new challenges for Season 3 are separated into four groups and include: Slurp Mission Challenges, Grenade Eliminations, Par-Tray Eliminations, and the new FaZe Battle Pass challenges.

Fortnite new season challenges

Some of the new Season 3 challenges include:

Deal damage with Sniper Rifles to opponents (250 damage)

Complete headshots with different weapons in a game of small and mid-sized matches (60 total headshots)

Use four juke moves in a match to pick up free Battle Stars (12 total headshots)

Search Chests in Sanguine Reef (7)

Don’t be surprised if there are bugs, glitches, and bugs of other sorts that could prevent these new season challenges from working perfectly. The good news is that all Season 3 challenges can be completed in the same game when you simply find your way through the game.

Week 3: Season 1 Week 3 for The Return of Jon Snow

Meanwhile, the weekly challenges that we put together are always based on Battle Pass tiers for Season 1. Keep in mind, if you are one of the rare people who played the Season 1 Battle Pass, you will have access to all seven tiers from the beginning and they include Challenges like the Free Truckload of Dusty Divot and the Slam Shot round.

Here are the weekly Season 1 weekly challenges for the weeks of September 24 and September 31, that you need to complete in order to unlock your rewards.

Week 1: Week 1: Battle Pass Challenges

Full list of Season 1 weekly challenges

Bonus Challenge: Search Supply Drops in Anarchy Acres (1/5)

Week 2: Season 1 Week 2

Full list of Season 1 weekly challenges

Bonus Challenge: Look for Boosters on various Tilted Towers (1/5)

Week 3: Season 1 Week 3

Full list of Season 1 weekly challenges

Bonus Challenge: Eliminate opponents in the Shark Village (1/5)

Upcoming Season 4 for Fortnite’s Battle Pass

Season 4 of Fortnite’s Battle Pass goes live on Wednesday, October 3 and is expected to include the return of the Drift and Jetpacks as well as the Best of Both Worlds.

This new season’s new challenges should also include The Treadmill quest that was finally unlocked after more than a month. This quest will require the player to level up their Countine to capture all sorts of collectibles in the game.

Happy hunting.

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