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Epic Games has updated Fortnite‘s Wednesday content update with brand new content for the game, plus a handful of bug fixes and additional content. The newest patch adds a brand new “Overwatch” Competitive Play system with four challenges per week, in addition to a new Outlaw Swipe Assault Rifle.

“Overwatch” Competitive Play Challenge No. 3 is titled “Run the Map,” and this week’s challenge requires players to use Team Deathmatch Matchmaking to complete the challenge as much as possible. This will get a player into the Quarterfinal of the tournament stage of the Overwatch League Season 2 playoffs. To earn a place in the quarterfinals, a player will have to complete this Overwatch Challenge 1 out of the four weekly matches.

Epic Games has also given players the ability to transfer Battle Pass points from another account from the beta to a regular account. This change should help players not only get the most value out of their current Battle Pass, but to maximize the value they can earn in the season finale through the use of their Battle Pass total.

As for the rest of the update, here are the full changelog:

“Overwatch” Competitive Play Challenge No. 3

Start the season as high as possible in the playoffs and transfer the place.

Outlaw Swipe Assault Rifle:

Overlooked in earlier difficulties?

Upgrade with Sword Dagger

Insane Suppression Gear Package

Flame and Hand Cannon Classes get an impact ammo

Lone Wolf, Joiner, and Outlaw Swipe Gear Pack

Sniper Rifle Customization:

Upgrade with No. 2 Sword

Study the Machine Gun Sticky

Archon Research found at the Anomaly

Increased firepower of Hunting Rifle

Fortnite 7.40 Patch Notes 1 / 8

In addition to the new Overtime Challenges and the 3rd “Overwatch” Competitive Play Challenge, those participating in the Fortnite Save the World Season 3 closed beta will start seeing their save progression synchronized with their Fortnite Battle Royale progression, where previously it did not sync between the two platforms.

Epic Games also revealed the Limited Time Modes (LTM) coming to the map for Season 3, including EZ Patrol, Commando, Silverhawk Maverick, Apex Predator, and Sentinel. They are compatible with all current weapons and Epic points, except for the Apex Predator, which is compatible with Epic kills.

Furthermore, the Season 3 Control Game mode is also expected to come to Save the World in November, which is “exactly” the same as the mode Epic Games first launched for Season 2.

Epic Games has also released a new A.I. partner who leads players on another end to investigate a mystery surrounding the Anarchy Plane.

In addition to all that, a couple of matchmaking issues have been resolved. Specifically, Epic Games has updated the matchmaking for all Watchtower matchmaking zones and the matches that are available between their matchmaking zones now properly count towards matchmaking slots. Also, players will now get the opportunity to come back into a match after previously being kicked out of a match due to matchmaking issues.

Other minor glitches have also been fixed, including a stabilization bug where the Hero Switcher’s red indicator remained after the Hero Switcher rotated to a different party.

Finally, Epic Games has also delivered a full patch of bug fixes to the game, which was the first report of a patch.

These updates coincide with a new Freak theme coming to the in-game Battle Pass between now and the end of the season on Dec. 4. Along with this new theme, popular rewards for Season 3 have also been released. These rewards will go live on Friday, Nov. 16.

Currently, all rewards are listed in the store for Europe, North America, South America, and Australia and New Zealand regions. Therefore, it’s best to update your Battle Pass on Friday, Nov. 16, or find out what you’ll be getting in the Battle Pass before then.

Those that have already updated their Fortnite Battle Pass can unlock this new Freak theme by heading over to this link.

Finally, as expected, now that the update is live, players can unlock a “Welcome to Fortnite!” Easter egg. You can enjoy a trip down memory lane with this hide and seek scene from Season 2, which is available now in the loot drops available to all players.

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