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After going through the week 9 Challenges you have completed get ready for the “Last Showdown” in the Battle Royale Season 10 Battle Pass. You’ve broken a winner and finish your Season now ahead of the season finale but only for a while. The Fortnite Season 10 Final Showdown is back.

The Season 10 Official End Date and Time Update

At this time, the Season 10 Battle Pass Season 10 end time and the Last Showdown in Battle Royale, is set for 12PM PT, or 3PM Eastern Time on Tuesday, October 16. For anyone watching the livestream live, expect the season end to occur around 11:40AM PT, or 2:40PM Eastern Time.

What about in the real world?

The time change only affects Pacific Time but it could cause some chaos with commuting in those cities. It will most likely take 20 minutes to get adjusted to the new time in the U.S.

The official Epic Games status page says that the Fortnite Season 10 finale today will be broadcast live from Samoa to Samoa in the world. That means if you are based in that part of the world, you’ll have to have your autoresponder enabled and available at bedtime so you will not miss the festivities.

Fortnite Season 11 start time

The Official Fortnite Switch and PC Start Times update listed an instant start time for Fortnite Season 11. If your time zone is stuck in the East, you will have to power off your computer and turn it back on first thing Wednesday morning to get going.

To jump straight to Fortnite Season 11, you will have to use your Battle Pass and charge through the Season 9 Week 13 Season Challenges.

Fortnite Season 11 patch notes

The Fortnite Season 11 Patch Notes have arrived, containing a number of additions for Battle Royale. New Snorlax items, a Snappy Scavenger Incursion, V-Bucks, Ammo Bag and Specimen skins, new gliders, as well as the Fortnite Meltdown Update.

The update is available to download today on PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Mobile, Mac and iOS with the exception of Xbox One Elite.

Update 3.22

The official Fortnite Twitter account gave gamers a couple of sneak peeks of the Fortnite Season 11 new items as well as some hints at the new Season 10 Challenges start time. The new stuff is what is new and old.

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This game has turned me into a robot.

-DMR — Fortnite (@FortniteGame) October 15, 2018

FIFTH v7,7..1️⃣3️⃣6️⃣=RIG IT!!

Bug get underway — TonyViscuso (@TonyViscuso) October 16, 2018

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