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Last week, Twitter star YouTuber Yousef Kamel (known as Yousef in the real world) released a new video detailing how Fortnite turned into the most successful game in history. But, the game’s loyal fans quickly saw it as a political statement of sorts.

Kamel called his video “Trump vs. Fortnite.” He panned political leaders, including the President, and told how the game changed the way the masses viewed democracy. As part of his video, Yousef traveled to the White House, hoping to ask Trump a question, but he was refused. He said a few things about politics in general, before adding, “Fortnite’s days as a free game may be ending with Twitter, one of the two biggest social networks in the world.”

It was a huge topic of debate on social media. Angry comments were swiftly rebuked by other users who said they were “bored” with the whole thing. However, Kamel’s video garnered a massive response, garnering over 4 million views within a week.

Fortnite made $4.2 billion in the first half of 2018, when it first hit 1 billion hours of gameplay. Today, they are estimated to have grown to 8 billion hours of gameplay. But, for many, it was a revolutionary game. The concept of a game that immerses a user in a new world, only to change the way we think is, by definition, “amazing.”

Vacation, sports, vacations, concerts, games, old-fashioned ideas of life, life itself — all of these experiences and more were upended when you landed on a world of pixels and a robotic interface to describe them to yourself. Whether you find this entertainment or terrifying, Fortnite has blown up its world and left us to ponder existence by staring at a black hole.

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