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Epic Games rolled out the patch notes for the new update and things start off with the Retail Row level 4.5 Challenge. Players must complete everything in 20 minutes to win a Victory Royale.

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For the second straight week, players can now challenge Evan and Zine as they attempt to eliminate a challenge that they’ve never been able to complete. The goal is to last 25 minutes and 100 vgs as the opposing team without being eliminated.

Fortnite’s new bucket truck or “debris” is available to purchase in the store. The new item replaces the Space Walker and was added to players to help give them an edge over their opponent. Players who are wondering how to use the move can watch the new gameplay video below.

Battle Royale buffs players who are able to get out of their opponents back pocket. Players can build stronger structures on buildings. They will also require players to observe surroundings so they can establish cover.

Fortnite has an Earthly twist with the ability to battle against a moon and planets in the battle royale mode. There is now a total of seven planets to face and to survive for about 50 minutes. They can be bested by gathering weapons to reach higher buildings or by throwing oneself from a nearby building. The new Battle Royale mode, “A World of Hurt,” will be available through Season 7.

The sandbox area for players to play Battle Royale mode has been expanded and now players have three new hazards they can anticipate to be descending: Death Ray, Lightningstrike and Dusty Divot.

New Battle Royale Mode

A World of Hurt will be available through Season 7. The new seasonal battle royale mode also brings a fixed “Makeshift” transition phase in battle royale games to aid players who are too fatigued to play.


The Dusty Divot fire trap has been removed to aid players in building structures. There is also an additional 100 kill bonus for players who clear out three columns of rock and use a second tactic to finish the job.

Death Ray will drop in the Battle Royale map next week along with the Pocket Battle Rifle.


There will be more music included in the game as part of the new playlist made to invite glider rockers to drop into battle. The playlist includes new tunes by The Chainsmokers, country star Tyler Farr and an original song performed by Jake Henry on the new spotlights created for the roof from Season 7.


There are new profiles made available in the store for rare weapons and players will be able to purchase the new art posters of both the characters in Shadow Mountain and in Capture the Flag.


If you can last more than 15 minutes without being eliminated you are declared a record holder. If you collect all five Survive The Storm challenges you are classed as a Legendary Sole Survivor.

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