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Vampire lollipops and murder coin fighting and hunting collectibles in Pokemon GO are at the center of a new campaign from an organization called The Toy Consumer Group (TCG). This non-profit group is seeking the removal of “slot machines-like” loot boxes from a number of popular games, specifically, Fortnite, Apex Legends, and Call of Duty.

The TCG describes loot boxes as a form of gambling, and to date, the box in games like Apex Legends has given players almost zero added incentive to buy anything, and in fact, is a refreshing idea. Fortnite, on the other hand, is not as friendly to paying players, or so says the TCG. On top of that, lottery games already come under the TCG’s gambling banner. And although there’s no official word from the devs, the fact that the lollipops and the bee hives are featured in Fortnite and isn’t something players have to pay for seems to mark a policy change for the game.

Loot boxes are basically mini-monsters that can be found and can gain experience, power up, and kill things for players, just like you’d see in a lot of already-existing games. Many of these loot boxes are also random, and the payout will affect how much progress players have in their progression. You can even create your own loot box, called a treasure chest, and upon finding it, gain experience and unlock rare and powerful items.

Honestly, it’s not a bad thing that so many games have loot boxes. And honestly, even though we may not consider the fact that these items are infused with randomized components to be gambling (the TCG has argued, quite decently, that they are), I guess we should recognize the times are changing, and we’re not really focused on gaming for entertainment anymore.

The more we move away from the gory, real-world gaming that helped develop our imaginations, the more we will stop being unmindful of how we used to spend our time. We have finally accepted that video games are for entertainment as much as they are for relaxation.

It’s time we stop treating gaming as just an alternative form of gambling, and we can only do that with better policing. It’s really only fair that game developers stop sneaking loot boxes and in-game revenue towards their monthly bills. The TCG is also pushing hard for the tax exemption of gaming-related activities, saying it hurts smaller studios and small independent games, who don’t have the budgets to actually coordinate with big corporations like Activision Blizzard and Epic Games.

This is one more reason that I don’t think the United States government is going to pass The Federal Gambling Expansion Act anytime soon, and with any luck, game developers will be able to continue experimenting with their gameplay, which will be wonderful for fans.

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