Fallout 76 servers may not be up for everyone.

Bethesda announced last Friday that it would be implementing a subscription service that would allow users to play the game for the first 30 days for free, then get an additional $15 to play it monthly for one year.

But the information didn’t appear to be accurate, at least for certain players who took to Twitter to air their grievances, upset by being allowed to play Fallout 76 for 30 days and then be out of commission for the next year.

Some users reported they were having to purchase a $40 down payment for the game, and seeing a $25 credit shown in their pre-order receipt when they tried to login.

Others simply couldn’t login to the game at all, having been presented with erroneous login verification codes.

A disclaimer came up on the game when attempting to launch it, telling users that if they had downloaded the Bethesda Game Network (now known as Bethesda Pass) back in March, their eligibility to play the game would be “reviewed” and then revoked, meaning they couldn’t play Fallout 76 for another 30 days.

The website that Bethesda originally outlined the terms of the subscription service, however, reads the following:

Eligibility to Play

We may revoke your player account if you purchased additional game content or services with your purchased Fallout 76 card. Your card is not a valid form of payment for purchasing Fallout 76 or additional game content, and we may not pay for purchase of additional game content or services with your card. You will be able to start using your card again as soon as it has been issued with a new Amazon Marketplace card or through another method of payment.

So perhaps some players are just being extra paranoid, since users can still pay for additional game content through a Bethesda Pass if they’re willing to pay upfront and separate the purchase from the subscription.

Bethesda is responding to the complaints made on Twitter.

Yep. Contract that we issued out was incorrect. We wanted to update our FAQ — BethesdaGameNetwork (@BethesdaNetwork) October 23, 2018

We are currently working to fix this. We do not want you to sign up for the Pass until we have clear answers as to how it will work. Thanks, again, for your patience.

Earlier this week, some players reported seeing a message about activating their Bethesda Pass before it went into effect. Here’s the statement they were shown on Twitter:

See in the FAQ the above statement. The new FAQ should explain this. Is the $45 option the only way to play without a Subscription? For now, we’re still working to clarify exactly how this will work.

Also, the card system for purchases, which Bethesda first announced in March, still works, and you can still put the money down on it for the subscription. In March, they said that buying additional game content was also a good way to reduce the APR amount to start with. A user doesn’t need to have that card active to “start playing”, but the contract wouldn’t be complete until their card is activated.

The pricing may still be up in the air for players. Bethesda has yet to comment officially on the subscription model, but the release of the new FAQ shows that some players haven’t been completely told the full details. This must come as a blow to Fallout 76 users, given their excitement about playing the game on day one, only to be given this somewhat murky reasoning about it working the way it does now. Bethesda has said they want the best for their players, and this creates a sense of unease over the service. The game developers were given another seven days to explain things, but I can’t imagine this is the end of the conversation.

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