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The “sexy new Fortnite map” is coming, the game’s creator, Epic Games, has announced.

The Fortnite developers teased that a new map will be added to the game as part of a secret event that begins in the coming weeks, and they unveiled a set of leaked images that apparently reveal that a new map will be added to the popular battle royale title.

The data is said to show that the mysterious event will come shortly before the next map update, which could be as early as the end of the month.

The map will be part of the 20th season of the battle royale shooter game, which comes after the entire Fortnite Season 9, which is still available to play. The map leak also appears to confirm that the hunters will travel on a road, which we have previously speculated might be called “Shell Fulls.”

Epic Games recently teased that Fortnite season 10 is coming on November 14. The following image is said to reveal the new map and a teaser.

The mode was suggested by Fortnite Playground mode, which has been getting a lot of criticism. But, since the mode has launched, the developers have been adding more modes and adding new skins and cosmetics to the game.

According to the leaked map, the newest season 10 event is going to be a big one, with players getting two new types of Fortnite weapons — namely Ragnarok and Oasis. However, most of the details have not been provided yet, including the name and accompanying information about the new map.

We don’t know the exact location of the event, so far only the real-time Overwatch mascot appear to show that Epic Games is planning a surprise event.

Epic Games has already detailed the surprise season 10 event as being a “sexy new map” with “ultraviolent cat-like monsters” and “a unique #FortniteEasterEgg.” It added that the event will have “elements of the classic chocolate bunny,” which could possibly mean that it is a temporary Easter egg.

You can read the blog post published on Epic Games’ website about the upcoming surprise event here.

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