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This week, Epic Games has changed up Season 7 a bit and added a lot of gameplay content to keep Fortnite players busy. The biggest change is that a Glitched Foraged Items, which were functioning normally, have been disabled for the foreseeable future. The changes have come after rumors arose in the Fortnite community that the item was malfunctioning. It was later confirmed that the item and everything that came with it is broken.

An update was also released that, according to Kotaku, added a new Halloween-themed skin and Easter Egg type item. The item, titled “Haunters: Crow Sweeper,” as well as the skins, will be going away immediately after the update has been released. That means that the Halloween skin, like the other Halloween costumes, will be gone for good when the update goes live.

Now that the major update has been released, let’s start diving into what’s happening with the Fortnite patch notes and what it means for the way the game is playing.

Fortnite patch notes for Oct. 24, 2019

What’s New in Season 7, Part 3

Starting with the Halloween theme, the Ragnarok update has been released in Fortnite. This basically means that the Halloween theme has officially replaced the harvest timer in Fortnite. However, the update has brought some brand new functionality to the game.

To start with, gamers will find that they have access to a Junkade. The Junkade was only available in certain areas, but it now has another mode with different servers. It is essentially a collection of Ninjas all mounted in one place. It requires the player to hold down their D-pad when moving the D-pad, then enemies will go through and will attack the players in a vehicle. Then, they will detonate a charge and the items roll away and players can start anew.

The Junkade will not be available in the Challenger, Slasher, Back Bling, Mobile, and Loot Lake areas of Fortnite.

The Junkade can be considered a weekly treat to the Fortnite community. Epic Games has also been working on the major challenges for the Halloween event. So, we will know soon if everyone else is able to enjoy the items found in the Junkade.

What’s Changing in Season 7, Part 3

The other major change released for the Ragnarok update is the Glitched Foraged Items. A glitch affecting the items has meant that players will now be penalized if they run up against something in their fort. Epic Games has disabled the glitch for now, but it will be back if the Glitched Foraged Items are reinstated for some reason.

The Glitched Foraged Items were a big deal because players had been able to access those items and they were functioning properly. Being able to access the Glitched Foraged Items in Battle Royale and still getting penalized makes it seem like they were glitchy and not exactly functional.

From a gameplay perspective, that whole glitched thing is going to mess things up, so Epic Games has taken the ban off. This is very interesting since the Glitched Foraged Items were on the map for a while and since those items in Battle Royale were a big deal, it looks like Epic Games wants everyone to focus on the changes they have made for the Ragnarok event.

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