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Prince Harry is reportedly concerned that his 2-year-old niece, Princess Charlotte, is spending too much time playing the “Fortnite” video game.

Appearing on Thursday’s edition of “LIVE with Kelly and Ryan,” the queen’s grandson admitted he wants the makers of the wildly popular title to voluntarily take the game offline in order to limit his daughter’s exposure to it.

“My wife [Kate Middleton] and I would have [liked to] have had a bit more time to herself and to enjoy just being a family,” Harry revealed. “[Infants] are incredibly vulnerable to the media and to having everything put into it. And ‘Fortnite’ in particular, if it were to stay up for much longer, is just too much for them to bear.”

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Since “Fortnite” exploded onto the digital scene earlier this year, the children’s game has attracted close to 100 million fans on Facebook, where it was hugely popular before moving to the mega-popular website in August.

“It’s just literally taken over their lives,” Prince Harry lamented. “At the moment, I can tell you my daughter wakes up three times a night – before she even goes to bed – because it comes on the computer at 6 o’clock and she wants to play it.”

According to The Sun, the prince added that he didn’t want to take this as an excuse for his daughter not spending enough time with his other two children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

“I still want her to be with us all the time,” he confessed. “But I’m just trying to protect her as much as I can.”

The prince also wished for Princess Charlotte to play a more active role in the royal family, as the little girl is often photographed by crowds as she sits on Prince George’s lap and accompanies his grandmother during outings.

“I always say to Prince George, ‘I’m sure she’d love to be on the front row at Wimbledon – just keep your voice down,’” he added.

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