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19-year-old Daniel Rohr was less than an hour into playing the game at his San Jose home on Tuesday, Oct. 23.

In a short video he uploaded to YouTube, he told the camera he was trying to avoid catching bullets and the stairs but that was easier said than done.

“So, my stomach won’t let me go, so I figure, ya know, instead of walking down the stairs, I’ll have to shoot up the stairs,” said Rohr, laughing.

Rohr described a foggy feeling in his chest, pain and fear as he entered his bedroom. He said he grabbed his semiautomatic rifle and waited to fire as his favorite games returned with a vengeance: Fortnite.

Rohr told NBC Bay Area he spent almost the entirety of the 20-minute episode playing the battle royale game and that it never occurred to him he might be in danger. The San Jose Police Department told the network it has never encountered an incident of this magnitude.

They were stunned he didn’t hit the “enhanced resolution” warning before firing off a round.

The NSFW YouTube video has gained more than 300,000 views since it was uploaded to YouTube on Wednesday.

A police statement warned anyone who enjoys games where no reasonable precaution can be taken.

“The strength and reach of some of these firearms can cause serious injury or death; the consequences of pulling the trigger are incredible,” they said.

“If a game is played in which the player intends to discharge firearms, then engaging in game play or hunting in the wild is inherently dangerous and may have grave consequences. People should only engage in it if they are fully aware of the dangers, have weapons safely stored, and know how to defend themselves or themselves alone.”

Rohr, meanwhile, is worried about his injury.

“I actually dislocated my jaw about an hour ago,” he said in an interview with NBC Bay Area.

“So, me and my girl were like, ‘we need to see an orthopedic doctor.’ So, we are going to go to a couple tomorrow.”

The statement from the police department said it is still investigating and that there are “several avenues of inquiry for us to review before we can say whether or not this was the result of reckless discharge.”

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