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Paddling goldfish in Fortnite have been ruining months of gameplay. The fish, which used to magically survive the enemy attacks of their maroon and gold colored counterparts, were great for navigating around the tight corners in the game but did not offer any protection against an enemy assault.

Fortnite’s tactical fire traps are a little harsher then traditional water bombs, and that may explain why this fish—named after the Battle Star Death Star— is not coming to the surface. New footage of the mythical weapon has been released, alongside a description from studio, Epic Games.

The rare Fortnite Battle Star Goldfish might be the battle mode’s most sneaky weapon! #Fortnite — Fortnite Twitch (@FortniteTwitch) October 25, 2018

Here’s the description, as posted to Twitter:

“The rare Fortnite Battle Star Goldfish might be the battle mode’s most sneaky weapon! The wheel inspired invisible Explosive weapon allows players to get around in ways they never thought possible, disrupting fire zones and changing the angle of battle.”

Where are they? A couple of videos of the aquatic arena have been released, most recently showing off a hidden item. Here’s a description of the treasure from YouTube channel Gaming.

“The mysterious weapon has previously been glimpsed in the desert during the Loot Lake events where players were captured or handed to the bad guy with an ultimatum.”

Now we need to wait until another YouTube channel catches one of these hidden items before we can find out how to get one for ourselves.

Below is a video from TwitchTV in which reporter Zach Goldman enlists the help of the streamers to try and catch one of these mystical fish.

Check out the video below.

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