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At the end of each Battle Royale match, players of the popular video game Fortnite receive a pack of Fortnite V-bucks, otherwise known as V-bucks. Yes, you do pay to play a video game.

The point of V-bucks is to “make it easy to complete challenges and up your overall reward level.” The V-bucks are earned and redeemed when a player reaches level 20 or higher.

Fortnite users can earn V-bucks by playing Fortnite Battle Royale, getting a medal, winning a game or with all-you-can-eat or supper-eaten meals from Big-Top restaurants around the globe. V-bucks can also be purchased with real world money in the game.

How to get V-bucks:

V-bucks can be earned just by playing Fortnite. To earn V-bucks in Battle Royale, there are several points of action that can improve your chances.

Quick starts:

Early starters are in the game the longest and don’t get killed many times like later starters. Do something to up your chances of earning more V-bucks and quicker play time. When a player enters the game, contact the proper network staff before play starts to see if they can earn Fortnite V-bucks from your connection.

If your connection is weak, try to disconnect and restart your modem to see if you can get network traffic collected so you can use network signals to enter V-bucks as a remote server.

Get rid of fake V-bucks:

Underneath the V-bucks in the V-bucks vendor are V-Blocks, V-Kills, V-Confidence, V-Quick Drops and other currency to earn V-bucks. If your computer gets infected with a “malware” virus, not only will your connection be interrupted, your V-bucks could be sold for fake V-bucks. Change your anti-virus and anti-malware protection on your computer.

V-Kills are variations of vanity Kill Friends. V-Kills are not good luck but gamers who lose buddies will often think that losing a friend only to quickly respawn them is “fortunate.”

Test your V-bucks accessibility:

Infuse V-bucks into your skin/armor with body armor or weapons and upgrades. Limit items purchased at the V-bucks vendor to cosmetics that will assist the user in battling as the best Fortnite character you can become.

Cyber-criminal activity is rampant on the Fortnite public forums as cyber criminals try to trick you into purchasing fake V-bucks. Cyber criminals get V-bucks for creating fake Minecraft accounts and the cost to be one of the first 30 to purchase “mods.”

Unlike Gold Farm, there is no buy-in to mods, only 50 V-bucks at a time to download for free. It will run $7.99 for a week but discounted to a small amount each day.

Fake V-bucks methods:

Game patches can put new restrictions on account creation, reactivate stolen accounts, grant verified accounts new users or place restrictions on accounts who have not paid in-game purchases. When a player’s account gets banned for being registered improperly, the player can gain V-bucks by creating a new account (using credentials), then creating a new gamertag and using purchased randomized in-game cards to make card purchases. Fake game hacks is a way to add more V-bucks to a hacked account for refunds, status, masking, etc.

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