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The Overwatch team released a massive patch this morning for the mobile and PC Overwatch servers. Due to load issues earlier, players now have a brand new gameplay update for them to check out and try out. We’ve got you covered with all the news you could ever want to know.

Multiplayer service improvements

Starting with the second edition of the Competitive Match Play in Overwatch, network performance has been updated to remedy game hacks and neutralizers, which has enabled the game to play faster and with better stability. This seems to be a change which the team is slowly rolling out to the mobile service as well.

Perched spawns have been fixed on Overwatch’s mobile and PC servers, as the team is adjusting to the movement of people in the heart of the target area and the spaces they want to be located in. This ensures better access for players from the back room positions and reduces times to the moment they spawn and helps to reduce down time. At the moment, DPS lovers are already discovering they are also experiencing a noticeable spike in the number of deathmatches they’re winning.

In addition, the team are now re-grading bots, affecting who spawns in various situations across the game to prevent outside players from placing themselves in ideal positions. For instance, one of the best strategies in mobile use bots to spawn right when the payload approaches, and start firing, knowing the payload will come back as the tide turns. These bots also spawn while in mid-air and play absolutely ambidextrous, as well. These types of bots, according to recent research, actually use positional information and not just height and distance from the payload to make the most of their deaths. These positions tend to be highly sought after in Competitive Play.

A “Quality of Life” update is also out in the game. These fixes include reshaping servers to enable better ping and latency, reducing hit logs and simply “nicheing” every server base in the game. Users can immediately see the ping from their local unit in their available update tab to check if their unit is in need of an upgrade, and in some instances, playing on an upgraded server will dramatically decrease latency.

New Playable cards

A new set of Overwatch’s 13 playable Char-Arms is going live in the game today. With this update, players will now have access to Tarren, Scanner, Inspector, Mental Mistakes, Collector, Torque, Bomb, Twin Bombs, Split Fire, Cluster, Variks, Quadruple Guns, and Sniper Rifle. Players will also have access to Evoke, the Mercury Astroid, and Ambush.

Moving on to the pick side of things, there are a brand new bunch of new reactions and ability modifications for players to use when opting into Quick Play, Ranked Play, and Competitive Play. These reactions come from villains like Widowmaker, Bastion, Orisa, and Sentry. Players can find the new reactions on the game’s default select button, or by combining enemies to use the best effect.

The following 11 character cards will now be on the PTR: Genji, Roadhog, Zarya, Reaper, Pharah, Lucio, Sombra, McCree, Orisa, Zenyatta, and Reinhardt. The following 3 items will now be on the PTR: Lucio arm, Reaper Fists of Havoc, and Moira offensive teleport.

All these items are to be released sometime this summer.

Some PC players can see the new servers right now. It seems like everyone else is going to have to wait until Sunday before these new character cards are released in the game. Also, the PC version is rolling out today, while mobile is going to have it sometime this weekend.

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