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And so it begins again! Stage 4 of the Overwatch League will be played between August 2 and September 29. It promises to feature some of the biggest and most skillful players in the world as teams battle it out for a place in the playoffs. With that in mind, we at the EDF are taking an exit of attention for a moment to name some teams we believe will have an excellent chance to make the playoffs and run into the semifinals.

New York Excelsior

This season, the New York Excelsior made headlines for the wrong reasons. The Valiant got off to a slow start and were eight points back of first place in the standings after the first three stages. With the man they called “Gordo”, who is no longer with them, in charge of the roster, that seemed unlikely. It didn’t help when Andrey “Pinky” Kuznetsov was suspended for five days and two million rubles for betting on the Contenders 2016 and Overwatch League seasons. But New York (their fourth time qualifying for the playoffs) have hit a peak in the league and have truly cemented themselves as a force. What’s more, Sandeep “Fiend” Sukadambi was recently added to the squad. With these additions and, perhaps more importantly, a tightly-competitive Atlantic Division in which to play, NYXL will be a force to be reckoned with in Stage 4.

Azerbaijan National team

When it comes to pure talent, nobody comes close to the OkHUp Warriors. With the addition of former Zeke, Anubis and Genji, Sanja Asme and Sanja Venin. Obsolete also joined the squad, putting up some of the top special move rankings and can be a force to be reckoned with, especially if he gets the right partners. Their opponents may be difficult, but the OkHUp Warriors have all the tools to make a run for the playoffs.

Playoff contenders

Florida Mayhem

This year has not been kind to Florida. The first half saw them tied with New York in second place, but was only able to take third due to a playoff-length game. When they came back to the league with the roster of Genji, McCree, Mercy, Eichenwalde and Ulf Dahlen this second half has been fantastic. The Mayhem have a better and deeper roster this time around and have put together quality play since the return of their players from the season prior. With several changes made to the lineups, the Mayhem can honestly be considered Playoff contenders.

Los Angeles Valiant

The Valiant were awesome in the first half of the season, topping the charts for kills, shields and eliminations. But when it came time to return from their All-Star break, they had a tough time getting going. After sending out Dorado and Lone Wolf (she has since returned) to sit out of the match against South Korea, the Valiant did little until the Chinese took them apart. They quickly put it behind them and looked good again by going on a ten-game winning streak to avenge their loss to Shanghai. With the re-signing of Ulf Dahlen, South Korea while coming hot, Shanghai’s addition of Fei Jun and a host of new talent being added to them, it is hard to rule out these Valiant from making the playoffs.

Atlanta Outlaws

In a season where New York were supposed to make a run, the Outlaws have surprised everyone. Their Quicken Loans Arena is the best in the league and the fanbase seems to be behind them, but it is up to them to back it up. By bringing back some of their veterans from last year, Atlanta has one of the strongest rosters in the league. One of the stars of the roster is Drew “Seagull” Kennard, and they also have the recently appointed Brigitte as a player-support. With winning and replacing the likes of Sanoo, it appears the Outlaws will be ready to take on anyone.

San Francisco Shock

One of the hottest teams on the circuit this year, the Shock have been really good at home and struggled in the road stages. Outside of their home arena though, San Francisco, who had a rough time with dropping to the bottom of the table, have been looking better by the day. They have made up for their bad road play with some very strong play on their home turf, and their new front line has been doing well together. If the Shock can stay healthy and see the performances of Winnie “The Rocket” Ho’s Brigitte, Noah “Ninja” Cleary, Parrot “Crusher” XO, and even Gurus paying off on his inevitable Hot Dog, the Shock may be sitting pretty once again in this

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