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The Overwatch League kicked off for the 2019 season on Saturday. During its first season, the esports league was trending toward an even larger audience than the NFL. And it appears that the league has at least matched and maybe exceeded that. According to The Verge, the opening weekend drew 13 million viewers.

The weekend also featured two matchups between Philadelphia Fusion and Los Angeles Valiant and London Spitfire and Houston Outlaws. Those teams split the first two games in the U.S. on Saturday, and they split the same number of matches in the U.K. on Sunday. For those only keeping track of Overwatch League stats, that makes 18 total matches.

From a less encouraging angle, it will be some time before any of the top American teams move on to the second round. The top five American teams are all tied up after two matches, and there’s no clear leader.

It’s nice to see an esports league finally reaching more numbers than the NFL. But when it comes to the top league, it’s nothing compared to the NFL itself. On average, the NFL draws over 100 million viewers per game. So watching sports games in the space of a week can’t be compared, even if it’s the largest digital sports league in the world.

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