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UPDATE: A lot of the changes made to Overwatch today include changes to their server & unlock algorithm. Over the coming weeks, a couple of changes have been confirmed as coming to PTR as well, one called “Replay mode/strategy provides easier entry to Exploit the APL” and the other “relooking at the Reinhardt abilities to see if they want to be fixed for increased potential for in-game mechanic errors.” The Reinhardt abilities coming under scrutiny, multiple posts about it have been posted on the official patch notes page, with PTR users on that site saying the vehicles failures are far more frequent and now more severe than they were earlier this year. After trying to pull out a different technique (here we go again) you will find the Reinhardt Fireball fails to work more often than it used to.

ORIGINAL STORY: Overwatch players today will receive a new patch going live today, July 18 that alters a handful of player’s champion abilities and for a few other new things. Here’s what is coming in the new patch, officially called 0.6.1, patch notes that include the team-up to change things up for Brigitte for June 1. So just what do we have coming in the latest Overwatch patch?

-If you’re collecting Hero list after the change is made you can use these lines in the line-up to see a summary.

Note: I tried to read the PTR at the start of this, but I was having a heck of a time trying to use the internet on my phone.

While not the most gripping set of changes that’s offered in the Overwatch updates, with changes to Brigitte’s angel hand – this change changes some basic pillar tricks like clipping forward and backwards, more prone, and tripod from Brigitte’s hand into the Brigitte neutral hand, which is not currently available to her. So even if I do not have your beloved new Brigitte down, keep your eyes on this one.

Here’s the full patch notes for 0.6.1, patch notes being ironed out and being improved right now:

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