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The business powerhouses are fighting over millions of user accounts, stat shares, in-game currency, and almost exclusive privileges in one of the most prominent games in the industry.

The online uproar regarding House of Wolves 2 seems to have reached a height of fury, forcing one leading industry company to impose a temporary blackout and a public defense on its official forums.

Fortnite joins you in this. Even though the game suspended a few new update servers Monday, online shenanigans have supposedly caused a disruption in the service for most of the day. It started on Sunday evening, when 15,000 users first experienced difficulties, though the numbers have since increased to over 360,000 users. At the time of this post, with a little more than an hour to go until the game’s closing time, nearly 900,000 users are apparently experiencing issues with their account.

There are different explanations on how the complications started. The Fortnite team has quoted its servers crash as a key reason, but a huge part of the turbulence seems to be due to an apparent political and social commentary on a recent update.

As promised, Epic Games implemented a change to House of Wolves 2 that involved removing an in-game honor system called Level Up. Through that system, it allowed players to unlock new features and abilities in-game, and reach the “end-game.” A few hours ago, a new hallowed guild badge became available.

You need to earn and complete “Big Moment” levels in the game to unlock that badge, which is a quote from Kanye West’s Every Breath You Take. It’s an opportunity for new players to gain high status, and also for older players to feel welcome in the competitive League of Legends ladder.

In addition to this, according to Epic, players received a single-player experience called “Real World,” which features status updates about the success of individual opponents. Epic says this event was triggered by a change to one of the game’s servers, though the company isn’t giving any specifics on what this was. In other words, Fortnite is telling its audience that this is part of some strange plot to defeat it.

We don’t know what’s happening, but we’ve reached out to Epic for comment. We’ll keep updating this article as more details emerge, including possible official statements on the shutdown issues, and how the game ended up losing millions of players at one time. For now, however, Fortnite is losing around 20 to 25 million users every single day on the site. That is almost a quarter of its player base.

At this point, the Online petition directed at Epic is already 2.5 million signatures strong.

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