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I am a big fan of the world of Overwatch, it has so many interesting facets to it as a whole which is just so fulfilling. For me, apart from the game, the most intriguing thing of all was watching Zarya struggle with her Paragon cost to build her base. While many players were understanding of her dilemma in the beginning of the game, by the time the first Dominate match came along, she was wallowing in her grief in defeat for the status quo. It was a struggle for her, but it became a pain to watch and a draw in the first game.

Overwatch on Switch was not like that. In fact, it wasn’t like that at all. In the beginning, the tone was extremely tight, but towards the end it began to get sloppy, which makes sense as there were five maps in the first rotation. After that there would be a break, and a week before that there would be an update, where the base would change again. And the patches would range from minor cosmetic tweaks and bug fixes to the inclusion of a new item which apparently “hits a new low score in Overwatch” and has the power to knock out just about every gun in the world, but when I fire it, it seems to only hit dogs. I have no idea what that stuff is, but its really the only little flaw in the game.

At the end of the game, the skill bonuses and items that you used while playing on Switch while on the console with English voice chat are automatically converted to each other, even after the game starts the base has all the junk from the console that you used to play on. On the console on Switch, when I play with English voice chat, the returns it simply as a command. Switching back to consoles on Switch is like sending in the newbies. A couple of weeks ago, I traded a stock on a PC instead of a console and spent a week playing on the console with English voice chat. When I used my stock I had additional items waiting to be added to my stocks, but when I quit the game and started the game back on my PC, the stock came up instead of the stock I had spent my money on the last console. There should be a choice in the package between consoles and PCs. Switch players deserve to know how the other half plays.

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