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The Overwatch League is not known for its calm demeanor. The matches are lightning quick, the heroes can be intense, and the plays are all well timed, requiring the patience of even the youngest fan to appreciate. To close the gap between onlookers and participants, the League is gearing up for a big change: the inclusion of cell phone cameras. Fans from around the world have asked for this since the first season, and even in 2018, less than 20% of matches were broadcast to the general public.

Blizzard has now changed their online broadcasting policy to let the world see more of the game. The League looks forward to broadcasting more of their matches from the Summer Games.

With these changes, the League is increasing their partnership with the world’s fastest and most popular streaming platform — Twitch. In fact, they are the first Overwatch League team to use Twitch Prime. As of now, viewers can pre-order a Season Pass for Overwatch League at and spend $29.99 on exclusive boxes and content, such as skins, tournaments, and season stats.

The series will also be allowing viewers to watch live eSports matches before the final matches take place, and broadcast a mockstream of the Summer Games in the final two weeks of the tournament in order to entice players.

While the changes make for better viewing, they aren’t perfect. The cell phone cameras only capture the game live. They don’t capture replays or highlight reels. This makes for a piecemeal viewing experience, and you won’t ever see the character that you were trying to pick up in one moment and reach out the next. If you’re someone who likes to watch their favorite heroes collect their reputation points, then this isn’t a great choice. You can always turn to the behind-the-scenes Look Inside feature or the intricacies of strategy.

And the inclusion of cell phone cameras leaves a bad taste in my mouth. My mobile device has become like my living room partner. If you’re lucky enough to live in a place with really nice view of the game arena, you can see inside the seats and watch the opponent draw the map. For the majority of me, I just want to observe what my hero is doing, and the camera in my room sucks all the attention away from what I want to learn from my favorites.

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