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It seems like anything that gets dropped on Overwatch‘s Untold origin story will be supported by some insightful analysis and fan wisdom. The latest to join the fray is The Hero of Numbani, a new comic and novel series that will take players back to the “EARTH-2” level of the game (coming from Numbani 2D). For those that don’t know, Numbani is a 522 ft tower where you can get a slew of Overwatch skins (also known as skinboxes) that players might prefer over the ones from older maps.

In The Hero of Numbani, you take on the character of Efi Oladele (the so-called hero of Numbani) as she joins the African insurrection against D.Va and Ana and starts to hone her skills as a professional hand-to-hand combat artist.

According to the announcement from Blizzard,

“Overwatch Executive Producer Jeff Kaplan partnered with Overwatch writer Cullen Bunn on a new original comic arc that explores the role of the hero of Numbani, who is attempting to use her nascent fighting ability to help spread and organize the revolution against the oppressive regime of D.Va and Ana. The Hero of Numbani takes place at the peak of the conflict in a fantasy setting where the forces of Kedar, Yorubing, and Orzhen in an all-out, deadly war for control of Africa and its resources. When Efi Oladele enters the fray as a fledgling hand-to-hand combat artist and trained rebel, her talents, passions, and fighting style quickly earn her an honorable place in the revolt. The Hero of Numbani will take place across The World of Overwatch, and readers can expect more stories, adventures, and blockbuster moments to come across the entire game.”

While there hasn’t been any official announcement as to who will be providing the voice of the character, the most obvious possibility would be vocalist Rebecca Sugar. Overwatch comic and novel series writer Cullen Bunn has previously voiced the most popular player Reema Kong.

The Hero of Numbani comic will be debuting alongside the novel in November, and you can pre-order it now.

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