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The Overwatch League preseason is in full swing, and after watching this video, you are going to be wanting to do all you can to get tickets for any of the exhibition matches going down in Pittsburgh, L.A., Brooklyn, Shanghai, San Francisco, or Seoul. No? Okay cool.

Your best bet is to seek them out on Twitter or Facebook and look for one that matches your schedule so you can make it to LA to see Fan 2.0 vs Brawn II. If not, consider using the buy in section, which are a few of your favorite League franchises.

The video below looks to be the official preview of this week, but I’d advise you to watch it fast since most of the action is taking place on screens. Perhaps this could be the official eSports channel for the opening match of the season, which is heading to Seoul.

If you are a new Overwatch League player looking to check it out, I urge you to try the very best team in the world, London. Being able to beat one of the best teams in the world in front of friends and family is a really cool privilege.

For a look at one of the highlights in the preseason, be sure to check out the player and skins reveal last week.

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