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The World Cup was just concluded, and now has many wondering what to do with their hands. Even though the Overwatch team has announced new skins for heroes played in the game, they need new characters to make the game and its seasonal events complete. The franchise continues to be a huge global hit since its launch last year and has shown that Blizzard has considerable momentum with their first-person shooter.

Thirteen of the competitive players from England won the world cup just this weekend, playing the game during its recent Halloween season. During the grand finals, the teams played both the competitive variant and the competitive exhibition variations of the game. These winning teams called for hero changes, which were no later than the BlizzCon 2018 and other than rotating heroes in and out of the game, Blizzard could only add new characters. That changed on Saturday, however, when the official Twitter tweeted out a new post inviting heroes to join the roster of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Overwatch’s Mark Steven Johnson announced that any hero, from any franchise, could be pitched in to the biggest and best fighter of all time. Anyone can join and take it to new heights if it is right for the character. It will be hard to predict the characters who may join due to the closeness of Overwatch’s hero roster, which has allowed many of them to elevate to superstar status. If anybody does join, fans will surely keep an eye on what it is that they’re capable of doing on screen.

Overwatch has proven that it can hit mainstream success, both in the original game and in its many varied seasonal season events. What if they created a classic crossover game with Splatoon and brought in like-minded characters? Right now, Nintendo is and always will be the creator of Super Smash Bros. These characters can give us a little taste of what these characters are capable of. Sure they might not win the world cup, but they are perfect for big stages and given the chance, could be just as fun. Just give them a chance, Blizzard!

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