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Overwatch lore keeps on expanding and redefining itself each and every day. The most recent announcement – “Simundo’s Azul Campaign” – introduced new characters to the 2017 hero-crusader, as well as reuniting some alternate skins with our favorite playable Overwatch characters.

Then came the reveal that Battlefield 1942’s Simuno would be gracing the halls of PTR alongside his level 98 Oddball counterpart in the soon-to-be-released Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

We thought for sure the reveal was just an anomaly, but a statement from the game’s Director has clarified Simundo’s appearance. Speaking to 8K Grapevine during a BlizzCon panel, Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan stated that any of the game’s heroes can join the roster. “I don’t care if it’s our best looking support, or our best looking support who is standing next to the champion [as Street Fighter character Guile’s Switch buddy Ken performed the surprise event], he’s there,” he said.

Kaplan also admitted that getting a final roster together will be challenging. “We have a great amount of work to do yet,” he admitted. “We have a lot of ideas that people are passionate about… We’re gonna take our time and make sure we get it right.”

Kaplan added, “There is no right answer. You’ll always have strong opinions, and then it’s our job to get that thing right.”

Let’s be honest, this is a chance for any player who has fought with any of the aforementioned heroes, or any character from any game, to enter the exclusive Super Smash Bros. Ultimate ranks. Prepare yourself – or prepare your teammates – for the greatest human challenge that you will ever experience.

Overwatch has already announced that new toys will be arriving in the near future, including paint-soaked Mii skills and card packs. The Infinity Gauntlet will also bring in a brand new minion to fight against. You can also expect new competitive Season 2 maps to show up on the PTR soon, if the PTR is available in your region.

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