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Even though we’ve already seen D.Va and Bastion receive their own times of leave in Overwatch, Overwatch always needs new faces. It’s a much more fun feeling to see a new character get thrown into a battle, for the casual Overwatch player or for the pro as well.

Right now, we’re staying around here at the Overwatch Brand with development of Bastion and finding a way to make him fit into the meta. There isn’t a big fight ahead of us as far as new maps, heroes, etc. It’s just about making sure the character goes along with the current meta and fits in. As Blizzard continue to develop him we hope to see him take a few steps, step back, and take a longer view. When we re-embrace the Heroes we loved from the past we’ll see more new Heroes getting it right and bringing us what we truly need. There are some that don’t belong and need to sit a while, but usually, once they step back and look at how we’re going, it allows them to recognize that when they return they’ll fit in better, like Bastion did.

So the question is, what needs to happen before we can see D.Va get a new teammate? What would we like to see happen for a meta somewhere down the line?

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