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As a competitive gamer, one cannot help but become familiar with the genres of video games – Call of Duty is a fun FPS, Overwatch is an excellent MOBA, and so on. The most recent example of esports occurring on such an epic scale came recently when the Overwatch League swept the host Overwatch League’s first four teams to a virtual front lawn in Philly. While only a few hundred spectators made their way to the Eastern Conference finals, hundreds of teams outside of the various companies involved were by no means in hiding, holding YouTube events, holding live streams, and even going so far as to host tours in their homes.

While the games have lagged behind in popularity in terms of PC development, there’s certainly little doubt that these new games of contention will be around for quite some time to come, especially with Esports Arena already under construction in the very same city where one of the biggest major professional eSports tournaments will soon take place.

Whilst neither the Overwatch League nor Call of Duty League have outlined any plans regarding expansions of their respective franchises, at least for now, the presence of both events in different parts of the city should do wonders for advertising sales and tourist numbers. On the esports side, the long-term potential gains from the Overwatch League becoming the largest games union in the world might even result in a World Cup-style tournament, which is something many are now considering on a grander scale, given the pull esports has recently become.

On the Call of Duty side, the arrival of the first non-gold ranking leagues to the franchise has earned the franchise a six-spot jump in player ratings, landing the team at 32nd overall on the list. The boost in player ratings has also boosted visibility, with some players apparently receiving the highest player ratings they’ve ever had. As this still isn’t high enough to be a full tier, there’s still hope that the leagues might be invited to join the Pro Circuit on November 2nd, or even the NCSF later in the year, but a spot in the main season isn’t even certain.

For those looking for more on the games themselves, check out our review of the competitive brackets for both the Overwatch League and Team Championship Series, while you can read our impressions of the Call of Duty League and discuss all of the information discussed here in the video, available below.

Call of Duty League – Fighting Stars M1 Squad.

Overwatch League – Road to the EC — Heelsonic – Street Fighter — Street Fighter (@HeelsonicSD) August 31, 2018

Asetek Controller Set

Once you’ve fully cleared everything off of your system and recovered from watching the Overwatch League for the entirety of a day, you’ll soon want to relive your experience with the new Asetek In-Placement Set. The In-Placement Set combines all of the features of the recently released In-Placement Set with each individual game’s particular features, giving you an even more robust workstation to test out your skills.

Starting off with a setup of three Asetek DD510 units, you can select your favorite game settings, including anti-aliasing, shadows, improved overall performance, a tilt of the mouse and more. Then using the driver you’ve installed already, you can link your memory, set up remapping for use when you’re not playing games, or other convenient functionality if you find the console groupings setup less than ideal. The set is even capable of allowing users to play a side of the game with timed controls for those more powerful setups.

Unlike competitive games, where you’ll often find the smaller competitive setups can’t even get a full game going in a single attempt without crashing, thanks to the In-Placement Set this is no longer an issue, though remember to always back up your data before you head off with this setup, and make sure your system is ready to work in the hands of a world-class gatherer of FPS data.

Asetek In-Placement Set – Competitive 32/62 Mini Set available at a highly attractive cost of just $7.99. — | ᎥPCGamer (@PCGamer) August 20, 2018

Asetek In-Placement Set

Gaming System Segment

High Performance Monitor Screen Type Price — ProZone Japan (@ProZone_JP) September 3, 2018

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