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The Overwatch League is looking at a huge sellout tonight for the Grand Finals of their 2019 season.

This season has been filled with the usual drama, drama that’s made the Overwatch League what it is today. Season one’s final, Summer Games, had a strong narrative built around the teams, Super Evil Megacorp, and their founder, Wang Yue. Season two’s first week saw the China Bowl, with a special appearance from Overwatch league favorite, jungler, Jianzhi Jia. Season three’s semifinals on Saturday night was where the good stuff started, with Seoul Dynasty beating the United States’ Houston Outlaws in a shoot out to make it to the finals.

Tonight, we finally have a grand final match. Top seeds, London Spitfire, and second seed, the Los Angeles Valiant, will face off in an unprecedented matchup of the top two squads in the league. Outlaws and Valiant have split their season with one other match between them, and no one saw this matchup coming. It’s been revealed that Overwatch League co-founder, Rob Pardo, is set to attend tonight’s grand finals. Both teams should put on an excellent show for the millions of spectators watching online.

Here are three reasons why you should tune in to watch the Overwatch League Grand Finals.

1. The Champions are Evolved

What better way to show off the evolution of the Overwatch League than to put two of the best teams in league history in a Grand Finals rematch?

The Los Angeles Valiant and London Spitfire have come a long way since January. Both teams have won matches by juggernaut performances of their champions on their path to the finals. Los Angeles dominated the Pacha in their formative hours of the season. London rose like a phoenix from the ashes of a failed combination of junglers. Neither side of the match should disappoint.

2. North America vs. South America

Overwatch League made history last year by being the first league in the world to have a full collection of teams that was comprised of both North American and South American teams.

This year saw the first American Champions, and the first South American champions, in three of the four inaugural seasons. Next, we get to see how the league’s first Championship Series Final between two North American teams feels. This is a sort of playoff between two teams, with a $1.5 million prize pool, that have a deep cultural and cultural connection.

3. Dragons vs. Harvesters

One of the things that made the Overwatch League unique and special from the beginning was how multicultural it was. With an Overwatch League that pulled in all different demographics and backgrounds to love the game and their teams, the game connected with everyone.

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