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One of the biggest video game remakes was the big OverwatchSwitch release coming out today. While this is definitely a great update for the Switch version, it has all kinds of problems. The biggest issue seems to be that the Switch saves can’t match the PS4 or Xbox One version, and the save game saves don’t support the game servers or voice chat either. This means you can’t have one save game that looks the same on the Switch as it does on the PS4 or Xbox One, which can be frustrating when you switch back and forth between the two. But one of the developers on the game just recently updated the support page and promised that the problem would be fixed soon. That was pretty good news for players who were disappointed in the amount of bugs and glitches they had to deal with. But we have to make sure to double check and see if the feature has actually been fixed.

You can check the official patch notes, which were released last night, here:

Overwatch Switch: A Patch Notes Update For the Old Game Controllers

Improved Limited Time Gameplay (includes Arcade, map, and Quick Play)

Some players are experiencing sign-in issues on the interface (client), which is fixed in the next update. You can disable the character Marko DJ if it’s not working.

Fixed last-second fog in Pointe du Havre and Boston’s Bunker.

Fixed Dance Side-Kick bug that caused player to have 90 percent chance of BPO in Frontlines.

Fixed Straight Line glitch that caused some players to have landing screen capture

Landing screen for the 1.20 patch has improved distance for Takeover animation.

Fixed Streaker glitch for some players.

Fixed Death Index saver bug that caused high result claims after a 3-point SMG kill.

Tracer’s minigun kick melee is now more accurate.

Fixed temporary bit length glitch when queueing to Control game.

Fixed rickroll on Generation Lunar and Atlanta.

Updated server to better support sports events (like fight for the orb, cup-a-riffic, and ping-a-riffic).

Minor changes to arcade game mode to ensure proper end of game tally.

Added a Video Focus settings setting that allows players to select if they’d like to have a lens blur applied to the view that they see while playing the game.

Speed-Up: Pong has been speeded up for those of you looking to try it out.

Other: Tempered Burn filter for replayed arcade games.

Customizable play theme.

Fixed Junker glitch and year-0 glitch.

Minor General Bug Fixes

Changed small map geometry: Sov Farm tweaked size of gatherer tower, super page tweak, capture the flag floor warp.

A/V Synchronization bug fixed.

Fixed a collision issue on some screens.

Fixed Brawl bug involving the re-placement of the ball in the change of ending round.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT font options.

Skateboard now allows animations to go longer than before.

Other Minor Fixes:

Fixed a game save match crashing issue that occurs when a user begins play while recording.

Fixed issue with Amari setup that wouldn’t allow for the voice chat to come in.

Fixed Proshade Aids glitch on the A99.

Fixed ability/vehicle animation graphical glitches.

Bug fix for cosmetic items in Skateboard mode when connected to a friend server.

Incline speed reduced to 1.70 km/h.

Shooting Slightly adjusted camera after landing, and spawn pattern was changed.

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