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Everyone with an internet connection can access the Overwatch League’s ongoing roster tracking. This time, I decided to give Overwatch League a try, and I couldn’t find a way to access it. Thankfully, there is a creator using the footage for his Sufficiently Advanced series. His upload just of New York Excelsior player YoussouMara (Iscarias) flips from a Los Angeles Galaxy vs Philadelphia Union match to the playoffs, and back again. I suppose the visualization is to show Overwatch League team rosters during the offseason. He even adds an overlay filter to show the player’s favorite items, like wearing thermal underwear or an theiROVE’s denim jacket.

Here’s how you do it:

Player YoussouMara shows his roster picture up in the more menu oriented portion of the Overwatch League’s page. From there, create an icon for YoussouMara and he’ll be available, always under the item “Player Q,” listed as “White.” The menu will scroll down the page for the rest of his tenure with Overwatch League, always showing the player. Click on “Player Q” to play the matches. It only adds up to eight new matches so far, but you can show up to eight players at a time.

Overall, this simple guide works well. I created the icon and a list of all of my people, and when I click the item “Player Q,” it will ask me to choose the names of three players who I might like to see in the playoffs. It’s this process, according to the New York Excelsior team roster tracker which you can view here, that saw the players I selected within the recent League playoffs.

My only take away from this feature is I’m enjoying the new way of doing things. It’s actually super refreshing. Because the previous screenshots for the Overwatch League team roster were based solely on one team, I knew for sure that I had some predictions for League 1, and I never really tested my theory before.

If this functionality is made available to anyone else, would you use it? Let us know!

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