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The new slate of Overwatch League teams are tearing it up on the map, and with some team’s inaugural season well and truly behind them. During the opening weeks, fans have been doing something they always do during off season: acting as robot servants of the e-sports community and passing around copies of the official notes to owners, personnel, and sponsors. It is actually a way for players to pass along information that often takes place in secret, and a good source of news about moving and hiring for the league itself.

Taking time between the next Blizzard update for season 2 and the Winter Map, Blizzard will be conducting a regular stream of notes throughout the off season, breaking down everything from player transfers to roster moves. In a statement that came to us by way of an email, Blizzard confirmed that the internal transfer policy would be about the same. As in the past, players will be offered a new contract through Overwatch League’s Quota team, although contracts for the rest of the Overwatch League are based on standard offers from traditional teams.

For all of the off season news, look out for these individual streams:

Seldom Known – Currently updating the profiles of all individual players.

Genji – Currently updating the profiles of all individual players. Hallway – Currently updating the profiles of all players during some of the busiest parts of the off season schedule, giving people some background on the players in the LCS

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