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Today seems to be a big day for Blizzard as it has been announced that the developer’s newest game Fortnite Battle Royale will be getting its very own movie, amongst other confirmations, but now another leak indicates that we will soon find out more about their latest game, Overwatch. According to a new leak posted on eSportZone’s live stream, we may be about to find out some of the big details about Overwatch’s upcoming console release in the near future.

While most fans are keeping their fingers crossed for a recent reveal of the game, it seems we will actually be finding out a few tidbits about Overwatch’s next release when CuteKlessRadioentech, who goes by the name ThinkGaming and is known to accurately predict the news from a few press events, throws up a very brief snippet of information on the stream.

First off, a nameless character seems to be getting dropped in a crossover event, first on and then later on Blizzard. Although we are not sure who the character is at this point, the character’s release is planned to come at some point in “early autumn”, which, in theory, makes them reveal much later this year. The obvious comparison point to this is with the Year of the Dog release, which will involve a wave of characters being dropped.

Along with this little note, a few other items are mentioned, the first being that CuteKlessRadioentech is naming many of their videos under the expectation that these are the first details we will hear about the game. Another is that Activision plans to release a “numerous franchise”-sized trailer for the game when it does reveal something. Of course, if they don’t have this in the works just yet, you can bet that they have it ready.

Finally, CuteKlessRadioentech drops some insight on what Overwatch will look like visually, describing it as the look of the “heaviest” Overwatch yet. As players, we would like to see something a little more vibrant here. The mobile version of the game did show a lot of colors that were much brighter than the more “gothic” shooter known as Overwatch, but we would like to see that transition over into the console version.

One thing we can say with a considerable amount of certainty is that this is all not too far away. Blizzard usually makes big reveals at events like BlizzCon, and we also can’t forget that they just recently dropped a big trailer for Overwatch 2 on the official forums. Given these events along with the fact that they are hoping to launch at BlizzCon, and the other news items leaked today, we might just get a pleasant surprise very soon.

Most people think that if we can’t get an official release of Overwatch before the holidays, the next best thing will be a large trailer drop at BlizzCon. There’s no telling what exactly they have in store for us, but we can certainly expect the curtain to come down sometime soon.

For more information on Blizzard’s other games, be sure to check out the Inquisitr’s Bioware/EA article. We’ll be keeping you updated with any further news coming in concerning Overwatch’s upcoming console release.

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