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Overwatch League is entering its third season this month. Now in its fifth iteration, the league has attracted a much bigger following than it did at its outset. Over 600,000 active subscribers still can’t compete with the 11 million people who are paid Overwatch League subscribers. The league continues to grow.

Now it’s ready to show us what it’s made of. Blizzard is giving its fans a total season marathon in Overwatch League 2019. This encompasses not only the 18 teams which will take the court this fall, but also it includes the preseason, training and evaluation, the quarterfinals, and the semifinals.

Currently, the league has 20 teams along with over 11 million subscribers, meaning there are some people out there who don’t know there’s a season out there. The league has promised to offer them a chance to find out.

While we know that all but one of the teams which will compete in the new season have players, there’s still a lot we don’t know. The newly announced 12-team portunities has earned itself a bit of a reputation among fans, as many have criticized it for lacking in popular players, choosing instead to use established players in major tournaments.

However, Blizzard has promised to give fans a look at some new and up-and-coming stars. Three new champions will be announced ahead of the season, and there will be a new continent which boasts all players from one continent.

The competition will take place over a month. During that month, viewers can expect to see four games a week on Twitch, as well as the semifinals. These tournaments will award $2.5 million in prize money each. The winners will also receive a championship trophy.

The Overwatch League series kicks off Thursday, September 20th with the Atlanta Reign taking on the Shanghai Dragons.

What will you be watching? And who are you most excited to see in the playoffs? Let us know in the comments.

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