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In the latest edition of “Take” headlines, Pro Profit and Gesture have announced their intentions to make a joint account. This will enable the two teams to capture valuable monetary profits, both while putting up financial muscle on the title as well as exhibition match appearances.

Both organizations have been deadlocked in the standings for several months now. Profit, whose losses have been at their highest in recent times, is entering this G League “Take” deal at a disadvantage, but since its top players (Peyton Carter, Vondre Leal and Primo Done) have been allied with Gesture, both teams will have a leg up on each other.

Profit is tentatively scheduled to play on top on December 9 at the Shanghai Thunderdome, but it is uncertain if a selection for that matches is yet ready to be decided.

On the other hand, Gesture is due to travel to Kyushu Rock Grizzlies to take on them on Sunday on December 9. The following day, the clubs will take part in their first joint exhibition match of the season, and it is highly anticipated if the two teams will come together in another game soon after.

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