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While playing the Paris map in Overwatch, players are having issues with flickering. According to Eurogamer, one of these players got the map to look perfect, until the HUD came on.

This also causes everyone’s life-or-death standing, ultimate abilities and other poses in the building to fade out into space. The glitch appears in the upcoming Paris map, which is due to be released next month. According to the developers, the bug has also surfaced in other maps.

In regard to this glitch, the game developer commented in an official statement to GamesRadar that they have fixed it. Blizzard didn’t give out any details about the solution as there is still a way that players can tweak the map themselves.

In the alternative, Overwatch fans are also trying to outnumber these newly-fixed issues. Both the Overwatch and Overwatch League teams are currently flooded with players all hell breaking loose for an amazing reason.

Below, you can see fans’ massive #propaganda tour of the Paris map:

Anyone know if the glitch above is fixed yet? It was definitely fixed while playing the Paris map. — Ellets (仅) (@Ellets??) September 20, 2018


This hmmm…makes sense! “Yes it really is fixed but i have a glitch in it as well” — Comrade_CKS (@Comrade_CKS) September 21, 2018

The fact that you’re all worried about glitchy Paris map but don’t ask about the glitchy Paris map? I think you should all just get a team photo of all the teams and make sure the map is fixed so everyone has an optimal “game-round.” I’ll be happy.

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