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Today Blizzard Entertainment is launching its newest shorts story about Overwatch hero Mercy that takes place outside of Horizon Lunar Colony and Mercy’s robot Arcania. The 40-minute animated short was written by Jony Ive, the creative director of design at Apple, and Executive Producer at Twitch. Duncan Jones, the director of Warcraft and Moon, designed the artwork.

Below is a teaser trailer for the new short story and character details:

Blizzard Entertainment is taking a new, non-PC approach to its Overwatch story with Mercy: a short animation, set at Horizon Lunar Colony, which shows Mercy facing her late father’s old spirit butting heads with a malicious force from beyond the horizon. It’s a flashback to Mercy’s childhood, where her Father Solomon – a loving and sharp-tongued man – would tell his young daughter that the barrier that separates her world from the bright, white, sandy-covered sands of Mars might just be a mere illusion. The tone of Mercy: an evocative and creative teaser to Mercy’s backstory, where the Origins-era Mercy has a bit of an overbearing old man watching over her, that isn’t exactly a fantasy but is about something we can all relate to. This story, shot with an HD camera and post-production technology, is another powerful illustration of Blizzard Entertainment’s commitment to bringing you stories about Overwatch that are too big to be a straight-on prologue to a lengthy game full of text and cutscenes. This story will be the first in a series of new shorts, and its forthcoming release suggests Blizzard Entertainment’s goal of serving up new stories about the Mercy stories as they have always done, telling sequential, companionable stories through the world of Overwatch. You can see the entire piece and pick up a copy today on Blizzard Entertainment’s official site here.

The new Mercy short story isn’t the only new Overwatch news today. There are four returning heroes to unlock as a part of BlizzCon, which is happening on November 2 and 3 in Anaheim, California. For months we’ve been saying that this year would see the return of the Blizzard classic “Krieg,” based on the classic Commando fighter from the Overlook arcade and game. And now we have our first idea of what this might look like:

Blizzard has finally revealed how they’re rebranding the rogue-like stealth hero from the original Overwatch: Justice and he will receive his own skin, a villain’s helm, that is. You can unlock this hero’s new skin and “Commander” single-player adventure, by giving Blizzard Entertainment the items you want as part of your BlizzQuest pass. The and ARG is still ongoing, but basically you must be logged in as an existing or Pro subscriber to unlock this skin. With Heroes of the Storm, you’ll be able to simply play as this hero, and the corresponding quest, no need to get the pass. We’re excited about that.

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