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Overwatch’s newest map (and the first one to debut on the game’s Public Test Realm) was announced last week and is a flashback to the game’s first season when players could participate in all-out street battles. Called Mayhem Palace, it is situated above a base that launches players into the maelstrom as players try to navigate enemies, weaponry, and massive payloads.

This map provides a bleak, understated contrast to the lush visuals of the rest of the maps. Even the biggest urban jungle displays only glimpses of humanity. The proximity of localers to the base also adds to the sense of isolation, some of it leaching in from the backdrop. Rather than sweeping rooftops and small riverside villages, Mayhem Palace is considered big enough to be a launchpad, though of course the tanks should still be mindful of the threat of team gun-fire.

The structure is textured in grey, the colors different in the different parts of the map. The north part of the base houses turreted buildings and the walkways are dark and chewed by enemy fire. On the other side is more of a forest and after traversing it you are surrounded by stones that act as walls of varying thicknesses depending on the incline or density of the area. No kidding.

If you have any suggestions for the map, send them our way. Should we be interested, we’ll be sure to put them out there.

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