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So this is interesting…

They are actually doing it in MOBA’s. I can’t remember the last time someone locked themselves out of their team’s base. But here are some quick numbers on competitive leagues’ involvement with time trials. Which has worked well for them, generally.

In 2016, League of Legends’s North American league, the NA LCS, had three thousand (3,000) qualifiers. Only 3000 players were actually allowed into the playoffs, which could open up the field for teams to take advantage of otherwise.

Back in 2017, the Counter-Strike Global Offensive’s North American division, the CSGO Asia GP, had the same number of qualifying matches, but offered half as many of them. That meant teams were able to beef up their rosters for each round of games.

And it’s still working wonders. In the Americas, CSGO’s 2018 Americas Championship, they had 5,000 games, with only five finalists.

Overwatch’s summer season had a similar ratio, with 1000 qualifiers, and only 900 made it in. An impressive feat, for sure.

The only difference, is in Overwatch’s summer season, you get the chance to send a lock to the playoffs. A lock prevents people from registering in the first place, and that means you are much harder to get, especially if you aren’t a team with a lot of players.

If you are on a team with plenty of players, good luck pulling them in and running a team on the down low.

Would you opt to send a lock to the playoffs?

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